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Best Bubble Tea Recipes

bubble tea recipes

Best Bubble Tea Recipes

Want to learn the Best Bubble Tea Recipes?

There are a few different ways to make bubble tea and a lot of this will depend on if you are making your bubble tea at home with your friends or if you want to open your own bubble tea shop and need Bubble Tea Training and SOPs.

Making tapioca pearls (boba) is one of the most important things to get right for your bubble tea recipe. Next, you will need to decide if you want to make your bubble tea with powder or with fresh milk.


What Makes the Best Bubble Tea Recipe?

Bubble tea recipes generally consist of 5 main parts: Base, Powder or Milk, Flavoring, Sweetness, and Tapioca Pearls (Boba).

Bubble Tea Base

Your base is going to be hot tea or hot water.  Tea is the most popular base and green tea and black tea are the most popular teas to use.  You can also experiment with earl grey tea or you can just use hot water if you are mixing with a flavored powder.  Make sure that your base is hot though, otherwise when you shake it with your powder it won’t dissolve completely.

Bubble Tea with Powder or Milk

Using a 3-in-1 bubble tea powder (like taro bubble tea powder) is a popular option. You can mix it with tea or hot water for the base.  You can also make regular milk tea using fresh milk or non-dairy creamer.

Bubble Tea Flavoring

If you use bubble tea powder then the flavoring will already be mixed in.  You can also experiment with adding fresh fruit by changing your bases to bring out certain flavors.  Milk tea will also taste very different if you are using fresh milk or non-dairy creamer so it’s important to experiment with the two varieties and offer them both to your customers if you have your own store.


Most bubble tea is sweetened using liquid fructose and fructose can be added by hand or by using a fructose dispenser.  The amount of fructose you use will depend on personal preference and also on what ingredients are in the bubble tea already.  Most bubble tea powder is 3 in 1 so it will already have sugar in it and will most likely not need any additional sweetener.

If you are serving regular tea then your sweetness level will depend on the tea.  For example, black tea is stronger than green tea so you will need more fructose in black tea than in green tea to get the same level of sweetness.  We have detailed SOPs available with our training materials here that give suggested fructose amounts.

Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca pearls are going to be one of your most important ingredients.  If you don’t cook them long enough then they will be too hard and if you over-cook them they will become mushy so it’s important to follow the directions closely, click here to find out how to cook tapioca pearls. tapioca pearls or boba are usually sweetened with fructose or brown sugar and can only survive 4 hours (never leave cooked tapioca in the fridge overnight).


Here are a few different bubble tea recipes that you can try:


Making Bubble tea with Powder

Matcha Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea with Ice Cream

Serving Hot Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Brewing Guide


Bubble Tea Training Video

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