PP or PET Cups

Picking the Right Plastic Cups

PP vs PET Cups

Picking the right cups for your drink shop will be one of the most important decisions that you make.  It is much cheaper and easier to get it right the first time than having to go back and switch cups after you have already opened and put your logo on your cups.

There are two main choices when using plastic cups for serving beverages:

PP – Polypropylene

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate

Both are save to drink from and are recyclable

recycle pet pp bubble tea plastic cups

PP Cups:

PP or Polypropylene Cups are one the most popular plastic cups on the market today.  The main advantage of using PP cups is that they are cheaper than PET cups.  1,000 16oz PP cups costs about $60.00 while 1,000 PET cups costs about $90.00.  PP cups are clear, resistant to flavor and odor transfer, resistant to damage and recyclable.

PP cups typically have a diameter of 95mm so be sure to get a sealing machine that seals 95mm cups.

95mm PP plastic cups

PET Cups:

PET cups are clearer than PP cups.  They are also more durable and resistant to damage.  For this reason, high end drink shops will use them.  For example, Starbucks uses PET cups for their cold drinks.  This gives them the high end image that their trying to achieve.

PET cups typically have a diameter of 98mm so be sure to get a sealing machine that seals 98mm cups.

16oz 98mm PET Bubble Tea Cup

Bottom Line:

Both PP and PET cups are suitable choices for your drink shop.  Most people go with PP cups but if you’re trying to appeal to the high end of the market than PET cups will be a better choice.


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Our Sealer machine comes standard to seal 95mm PP Cups.

Our Universal Sealer Upgrade will allow you to seal both PP and PET cups.

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