Automatic Bubble Tea Maker

Bunn ITCB Tea Brewer

Bunn Automatic Tea Brewer

When it comes to running a bubble tea shop, high quality drinks and efficiency is everything and as a tea shop owner you have two choices when it comes to making tea.  You can make tea using the traditional method which is basically boiling hot water in a large tea pot and manually adding the leaves and timing the brew cycle.

Or you can use an Automatic Tea Brewer.  This choice can depend on many things such as how busy your tea shop is or your personal preference.  An Automatic Tea Brewer will have a higher upfront cost but this could be made up for with reduced employee costs.

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Brew 3 Different Types of Tea

Brewing tea can be difficult because not all tea leaves have the same brewing time or temperature.  For example, green tea leaves are more delicate than black tea leaves and require a lower brewing temperature and a shorter brewing time.  Click here for our Tea Brewing Guide.

The Bunn ITCB has 3 settings so you can pre-set 3 different types of tea.  Green Tea, Black Tea and Oolong Tea are the most popular options.  Pre-sets will helps improve your drink consistency and makes it easier to train your employees as well.

Another great feature is the hot water spout.  This will save time and money when you’re mixing drinks because you won’t need to buy a separate hot water machine!


Large Brewing Capacity

This model brews up to 5 gallons of fresh iced or hot tea and is different than a normal Bunn Coffee Brewer.  The standard Bunn Coffee Brewer can only brew coffee because coffee is brewed at a higher temperature than tea.  Brewing tea with a coffee brewer will scorch the tea leaves because tea leaves are far more delicate than coffee grounds.  This is where the 3 tea brewing settings really come in handy.

The Bunn ITCB-DV’s large capacity water tank also makes sure that you aren’t running out of water mid-brew and is great for back to back brewing cycles.

The Bunn ITCB uses Pre Infusion and Pulse Brew Technology that disperses water evenly as it falls over your tea leaves which allows for maximum flavor extraction and effeciently brews your tea leaves.


Installing An Automatic Tea Brewer

This unit needs a direct water connection so you will need to be sure that you can hook it up in your kitchen so you may need to consult a plumber.  

The Bunn ITBC-DV is dual voltage adaptable and can be wired for a 120V, 120/208V, or 120/240 electrical connection. A cord and plug are only included for use with a 120V, 15 amp connection and models operating at 208 or 240V must be hard wired.

**Tea Dispenser is not included, must be purchased separately.

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