1 Year Warranty and Video Support


Bubble Tea Machine 1 Year Warranty


Our Bubble Tea Machines and Snow Ice Machines come with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty,

We also offer Free Video Support for the Lifetime of your Machine.


If you ever have a problem with one of your machines, we will work with you to get your machine working again.  Even after the warranty has expired.

Most problems can be easily diagnosed and fixed through our repair videos.  We also have maintenance/cleaning and trouble shooting guides available to help keep your machine in good working order.


How to Fix Your Machine:

There is a 1 year warranty and we offer video support for the life of the machine.  Basically if something happens we will ask you to take a 10 second video so we can diagnose the problem.  We will then help you troubleshoot the problem and send spare parts if necessary.


Click here to download the maintenance and error guides,


Contact us below with any problems or questions:

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