How to Make Your Own Tapioca Pearls

One problem with that many store owners face with their tapioca pearls is that they only have a 6 month shelf-life, this can lead to a lot of un-used boba and dollars down the drain.

This problem is solved with our Automatic Boba Making Machine.  Making your own boba in shop is the best way to give your customers the freshest boba possible.  You can also experiement with different colors and flavors.

Simply mix your tapicoa starch with water (add an optional sweetner or food coloring) to form the dough and then feed it into the machine.  The machine will then start making 9mm boba at a rate of 16-22kg/hour.

This unit has free shipping, is CE Certified and also features a security door that will power off the machine once opened.

Once your boba is made you can cook it right away or freeze it for later use.

When cooking your tapioca pearls you can either use a stove or an Automatic Boba Cooker.


Tapioca Pearl Recipe

What you’ll need:


1) First use a scale and weigh your water and tapioca powder.  *You will need to experiment with your specific tapioca powder to find the best ratio of water*

2) Start with 1kg of tapioca powder and 500g of boiling water.  Add more water if necessary.

3) Put the tapioca powder into the mixing bowl first and then boil your water, once boiled add the water and start mixing.

4) The mixer should be on the highest speed and a hook type mixer should be used.

5) Stop the mixer every 20 seconds and scrape the bottom with a spatula. This should be done 6 times.

6) Once you have done this 6 times, mix the dough more seconds and then stop the machine.

7) Take the dough out and knead it until all the air is out. Cut the dough into two equal rectangular shapes.

8) Cover the entire surface of the dough with tapioca powder.

9) Finally, make sure that you fill up your Automatic Tapioca Maker with tapioca powder in the front and back tank.



Watch the video demostration below!

Product Details

Product Number – PG150
Capacity  16~22kg dough/1hr – Makes 9mm Tapioca Pearls
Power – 90W Gear Motor
Size – 
22cm x 33cm x 42cm
Weight – 
Certification – 
Warranty  1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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