Customer Testimonials


“I was a little confused about how to introduce Bubble Tea into my business. There were so many little bits to get right like tea leaves, powders and syrups. That is why I found this all in one option so appealing. It was simple and easy to order, giving me all the ingredients I needed to get started. Quick delivery too.” – Kerry Evan

“We ordered this to replace an old bubble tea shaker machine that we were using in store. I am very happy with this one instead. It is much smaller and therefore takes up less space in our preparation area. It is also more efficient at doing it’s job and therefore we have a quicker turnaround time and less queues. Service of this particular shop was also fast and efficient.” – Terry Marshall

“A really solid bubble tea syrup dispenser that hasn’t missed a beat. Great price too as it was reduced when we brought it. Our staff love it, and say it has made their workload a lot easier by having such a quality piece of equipment, which makes it worth every cent to me. Quick delivery too.” – Josie Kendal

“I brought the business starter kit from you guys and would love to open up a long term wholesale account for my business.  Can’t wait to offer my customers more delicious bubble tea!” – Kerry Evan

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