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When buying a bubble tea machine for your business you want to make sure that you’re getting a high quality machine.  Buying a cheap knockoff machine from Amazon or eBay might work for a few months but when it breaks down in the middle of your rush hour you’ll regret trying to save a few bucks in the beginning.

Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan and the most reliable machines come from Taiwan.  Beyond the quality of the bubble tea machines is the certification system.

CE Certification is internationally recognized and is the standard certification system in the European Union.  Having a CE certified machine means that it has passed certain safety tests and meets specific electrical guidelines.

UL Certification is the American equivalent to CE Certification.  It is required by certain city ordinances to pass health exams, etc.


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How to Choose Between UL and CE Certification?

While both CE and UL Certifications are internationally recognized and mean that your machine is in safe working order, the difference will depend on your specific requirements.  The certification process costs money (the manufacturer has the pay to get their machines certified by either the UL or CE organization).  This cost is then passed onto the consumer and UL usually costs more than CE.  This is why a UL Certified Machine will generally costs a little bit more than a CE equivalent.

Both machines are safe and virtually identical, the main difference is the certification.  CE will usually be cheaper than UL so if you’re specific city health exams do not require UL, then it makes sense to buy a CE machine.

But if your city requires a UL Certified Machine, then it makes sense to use a UL machine.  It’s important to check with your specific city guidelines to see what machine you will need.


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We carry machines with both CE and UL Certification on our Bubble Tea Machines.

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