Plastic Cup Sealing Machines

Plastic Cup Sealing Machines are perfect for bubble tea cups, small containers, smoothies, yogurt, to-go drinks, alcoholic cocktails, draught beer and more!

A high quality sealing machine can save you time and money but picking the right one can be hard to do.  There are a lot of to choose from and the price will vary a lot too.  We only carry the Best Cup Sealers that are 100% Authentic Taiwanese made and come with a 1 Year Warranty and video support even after your warranty has expired.


How to Pick the Best Sealing Machine:

The most important thing for picking the best sealing machine is the top diameter of your cup.  This is what is going to fit into the upper mold of the sealing machine and if it is too big or too small then it won’t seal properly. 

The two most common cup sizes are 95mm PP Cups and 98mm PET Cups. 

PP vs PET Cups

Our 999SN Sealer Machine comes standard able to seal 95mm PP Cups.  These are the most popular type of cups our customers use and they come in 12oz, 16oz and 24oz sizes.  

95mm cup sealer machine

You can also seal 98mm PET cups by upgrading to our Universal Sealer Machine.

Some other common cup sizes are 90mm for paper cups, 120mm for Jumbo 30oz cups and if you have a different cup size we can also make a custom size sealer machine for you.


Choosing Cups and Film for Your Sealing Machine:

You can order 95m PP Cups, 98mm PET Cups and 120mm Jumbo Cups and sleaing film directly from our website by clicking here.

Picking the right sealing film is important.  PP cups will need to be sealed with PP film and PET cups will need to be sealed with PET film.  Also, if you have jumbo cups then you will need to order jumbo film.


How to Pick Cup Sealer Film


How to Choose the Right Sealer Film

Bubble Tea Sealing Machines

Cup Sealer machines are essential for bubble tea shops, juice shops or any place that serves drinks.  Automatic plastic cup sealing machines are also faster than using regular lids and use less plastic which is one of the reasons why they’re becoming so popular.  They work by creating an airtight seal on whatever kind of cup or container that you use.  They can be used to seal both hot and cold drinks, yogurt, soup, cosmetics and more!

It’s important to remember that not all sealer machines are created equally and it’s really important to make sure that you pick the best one.  For example, if you’re using 95mm PP cups, you will need to make sure that your lower mold is made for 95mm cups.  If it’s off by a few milimeters then your cup won’t seal properly.  You will also want to make sure that your cups and sealer film are made out of the same material so that they will seal properly.  For example, PP cups with PP sealer film and PET cups with PET sealer film.  Click Here for Help Picking the Right Sealer Film.

Not only does using a sealing machine help you look like a professional bubble tea shop it can actually save you money.  A single roll of sealer film will cost about $40 and can seal about 3,900 cups, that’s only $0.01 for every seal!  Traditional lids cost about about twice that much with the average box of 2,000 lids costing about $40.00.

Another benefit is that sealer films use less plastic than traditional lids making them better for the environment.  This will also cut down on your storage needs.  A single roll of sealer film can seal 3,900 cups, compare that to a box of traditional lids!

Putting your own logo on your sealer film is also a great way to promote and build your brand.


custom logo sealer film

Custom Bubble Tea Sealing Film



Custom Size Sealing Machine:

While sealing bubble tea is what made our sealer machines famous, we also have helped clients seal yogurt, cotton candy, soup, gelato, to-go alcoholic beverages, dips, cosmetics and more!  We can build a custom size cup sealing machine specifically for your container and your product.  We do this by creating a specially designed mold from your container to make sure it creates an air-tight seal and we can put your logo onto the machine for free.

Sealing your products will help them last longer and give them a more professional appearance.

We can also create a peel-tab for your container so your customers can easily peel open your products.

999SN Sealer Machine:

The 999SN is our most popular Plastic Cup Sealing Machine. It has a durable stainless steel design that is trusted in drink shops around the world and is the #1 best selling bubble tea sealer machine.  It is also powered by a sophisticated PC Board that will deliver a unique error message if you have any problems with the machine.  Using our guide and trouble shooting manual you’ll be able to fix your sealer machine quickly.

The 999SN can be used in automatic or manual mode and it is known for its reliability so you don’t need to worry about it constantly breaking down during shifts.  Our sealer machines are trusted around the world for their quality and we back that up with a 1 year warranty and 3 years of video support.

We know that a sealer machine can be a big investment for your business and that’s why we’re here to make sure that you pick the right one.

There are a few different types to choose from and the most important factor is the top diameter of the cups or containers that you’ll use.  Our sealers can seal Paper, PP Plastic and PET Plastic Cups but you will need to make sure that you pick the correct size for your cup or container.

95mm is the standard diameter of PP boba tea cups and the diameter will be the same no matter if you’re using 12oz, 16oz, or 24oz cups.  PP cups are the most popular type of plastic cups used.  If you’re unsure what type of cup you have, you can look on the bottom of the cup to see what material it is made out of.


Bubble Tea Sealer Machine

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Sealing Machine Specifications:

Our plastic cup sealing machines can seal plastic PP, PET and Paper Cups.  Most Paper Cups are 90mm, PP cups are usually 95mm and most PET cups are usually 98mm.  Please check your cup size first before ordering.

Your sealer film material will need to be the same material as your cups to seal properly.  For example, PP sealer film is used with PP cups and PET sealer film is used with PET cups.


Comes standard with CE (we also have UL Certification available and UL EPH Certification Available).


Available in both 110v (USA) or 220v (EU).  Please specify which voltage you require when purchasing.

Shipping Info:

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Bubble Tea Machines! We ship using DHL or USPS and most orders will arrive in about 1 week. Custom orders will take 2-3 weeks.

Warranty Info:

1 year manufacturer warranty.  We only carry 100% Authentic Taiwanese Made Sealer Machines and our sealers are made to last.  We offer 3 years of free video support after your order and 99% of problems can be solved quickly and simply by viewing our support videos.

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