PP Plastic Bubble Tea Cups

PP (Polypropolene) is the most common type of plastic cup.  It is recyclable, transparent, lightweight and durable.  It is also much cheaper than other types of cups (PET, PLA).  This makes PP cups the most popular choice for Bubble Tea Shop owners because PP cups can also be customized for a relatively low cost ($0.06/cup).

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PP cups are also not all the same.  The two main types of PP cups are Y and YS. Y is the most common type and is lower quality than YS.  Next time you get a plastic cup from a drink shop, look on the bottom to see what it says.  The most common type is Y which is a bit softer than YS.  YS is a middle range cup and is what we use for most of our custom products.

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PET plastic cups are also a popular choice but are more expensive than PP cups and usually require a 98mm cup sealer machine.

PP cups are usually 95mm and come in many different sizes with 12oz, 16oz and 24oz being the most common sizes.

PP plastic bubble tea cups

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