Custom Print Boba Tea Cups 

-15,000-20,000 Cup Minimum Order Quantity

-PP, PET, Paper and PLA Products

– Custom Printed Sealer Films

– 10 Week Lead Time 

Some of Our Work:

Custom Logo Bubble Tea Cups

Custom cups with your logo are the best way to establish your brand and enhance customer loyalty.  Every time a customer walks away with your cup, they’re walking away with an advertisement in their hand.  As a drink shop owner your cup represents your store and your brand.  Proudly displaying your logo builds brand awareness and increases customer loyalty.


custom boba tea cups


Types of custom cups to choose from:

Choosing the right type of bubble tea cups is one of the most important parts or opening your own drink store or restaurant.  Getting it right the first time will save you time and money so that you won’t need to switch between cup sizes and incompatible materials.


PP cups are the most common type of custom cup and come in 12oz (360ml), 16oz (500ml) and 24oz (700ml) sizes.

95mm PP Cups


PP Plastic (usually 95mm)

This is the most common size and it works with our standard 95mm Sealer Machine.  This is also the most economical choice because they use the least expensive materials.

PET Plastic (usually 98mm)

PET is a harder plastic that is also clearer than PP.  These cups are used if you want to establish a “high end” brand and are more expensive than PP cups.  Starbucks usually uses PET cups for example.  If you can’t decide between PP or PET then you can read more about the differences here PP vs PET cups.

Paper Cups (usually 90mm)

Paper cups can be a great eco-friendly alternative, especially if you are in an area where there is a plastic ban.  Paper cups can also be custom printed with your logo and can be sealed with PE Plastic or Paper Sealing Film.

PLA Cups (usually 96mm)

PLA cups have become popular recently and are made using corn so they are biodegradable.  However they need to be recycled properly and will become deformed if exposed to high temperatures.

 Sealer Films

We can also print custom sealer film in PP Plastic, PET Plastic, Paper and Aluminum.


How much do custom printed cups cost?

Custom cups cost about $.04/cup which is about the same price as clear cups!  Each size and type of material will have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) or 10-20 boxes which you will want to consider before choosing your custom cups.


Bubble Tea Cup Logo Design

We recommend keeping your logo simple and using only 1-3 colors.  This will keep the cost down when printing and it also results in a cleaner, more professional appearance.  Think about the biggest brands that you know and you will quickly notice that all of them have very simple logos:  Apple, Starbucks, Nike, McDonalds, etc.   

Learn more about bubble tea logo design here.

What is a molding fee for custom printing?

When we print custom cups we need to create a mold that the cups will be printed on.  The mold is $100/color and is a one-time fee that you will not need to pay when you re-order.

What is the Minimum Order (MOQ) for printing plastic cups?

Our MOQ ranges from 15,000 for 24oz PP cups to 30,000 specialized cups.  Fill out our form below to get a custom cup sample quote!

How long does shipping custom products take?

Our custom cups are printed in Taiwan and usually take 5-6 weeks for printing and 5-6 weeks for shipping.  We send the cups by sea freight and can help with the importing process.  Our import coordinator will handle all of the paper work and make sure that the cups are sent to your business.  

Step 1:  Pick How Many Colors You Want
Step 2:  Send Us Your Logo
Step 3:  Confirm Template
Step 4:  Cups Will Be Printed (about 4 Weeks)
Step 5:  Cups Will Be Shipped By Sea Freight From Taiwan to You (about 6 Weeks)

Sealing Custom Cups

We also have custom printed sealing films here and cup sealer machines.


How to get started custom printing?

First you will need to design your logo and figure out how many colors you want to use.  Each color has a $100 one-time molding fee so we usually recommend a logo with 1-3 colors.  Simple logos are usually the most effective and you can also add your phone number, website, QR Code or any other importation information right onto your cup or sealer film!

After you have your logo designed, the next thing you need to decide is what type of material you want to use for your cups.  PP cups are the most economical for both cups and custom sealer film.  PP cups will have a lower MOQ (minimum order quantity) and a lower price than PET cups.  If you want to give your boba tea shop a high end feel, you can use PET cups which are thicker than PP cups.  Next time you go to a bubble tea shop, take a look on the bottom of their cups to see what kind of material they use.  Usually they will say PP or PET (PETE).


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