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Bubble Tea Sugar Dispenser

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Why Use a Bubble Tea Sugar Dispenser?

Your customers are going to be a comparatively unique mixture of people with different styles and tastes.  Some will order regular green tea without any sugar but there will always be those who want their drinks sweetened.  Tea is bitter by nature so drinking it without any sweetener will be unpalatable for many customers (especially black tea).  With an automatic Bubble Tea Sugar Dispenser, you can give your customers exactly what they want without having to guess or use a spoon which can lead to inconsistent drinks that are either too sweet or not sweet enough.  Fructose is also preferred over sugar or high fructose corn syrup because fructose is derived from sugar cane or fruits, therefore it is less processed than HFCS.


What is Fructose? 

Fructose is a sugar that occurs naturally in fruit and is usually derived from sugar cane.  It’s used to sweeten tea, especially black tea which can be quite bitter without any sweetener.  Many customers are health conscious and will prefer a drink without any sugar or with just a little bit of sugar.  Using an Automatic Sugar Dispenser is the best way to make sure that they get the exact amount of sugar that they want.

Automatic Fructose Dispensers will dispense a consistent amount of sugar every time.  You can easily program the buttons to dispense the exact amount of sugar that your customer wants. Similarly, this ensures that your drinks are consistent and takes the guesswork out of your employee’s jobs.


This Bubble Tea Sugar Dispenser is the most popular liquid sugar dispensing model among tea and coffee shop owners.  Using an automatic liquid fructose dispenser is the best way to keep your drinks delicious and consistent.  Your customer gets the exact amount of sugar that they ordered, every time. Consistent quality is one of the best ways to keep your customers coming back again and again.  Having an automatic fructose dispenser will also cut down on employee training and costs by simplifying your SOP.  Not to mention, you can print your logo onto your Fructose Dispenser!


Fructose Dispenser Certifications:

Our Fructose Dispensers meet international standards and we have 3 certifications available:

9EN – CE Certification
9EU – CUL Certification (US and Canada)
9EF – UL EPH Certification (NSF Equivalent)


Click here to learn more about the differences between CE, CUL and UL EPH Certification.

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Product Details

Weight – 20lb (9kg)
Dimensions – 10″ x 14″ x 41″ (25/36/41cm)
Tank Volume– 8.5 Liter
Power – 110v USA Compatible or 220v EU Compatible
Dispensing Amt – 5.0 – 200.00cc (+-) 1cc
Selection Buttons 24
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty