Sample Bubble Tea Menu Design

How to Design a Bubble Tea Menu

When designing your bubble tea menu we usually recommend keeping things simple and expanding from there.  Don’t have 100s of menu items, it will only confuse your customers!

Instead focus on 10 or so flavors and offer them in a variety of different categories, milk tea, smoothies, fruit tea, etc.

Your fonts and colors should also reflect what kind of store you have and you’ll want to clearly put your drinks into different categories.  This will help your customers easily choose what they want.  Finally, pricing should be similar to bubble tea shops near you and it should be simple and easy to understand.  You can design one yourself, higher a freelancer or use an online template.


Bubble Tea Menu Design Colors 

The design for your menu should match the concept of your bubble tea shop and your personality.  If you are an out-going fun shop then you can use bright colors and fun shapes to show a relaxed mood and atmosphere.  But if you are going for a more serious vibe then you can use colors that are more traditional.  Either way you should have the colors match the theme and color of your logo.

Your fonts should also match the logo and theme of your store.  Try not to get too fancy with cursive fonts, instead stick to easy to read, clear fonts that are not too distracting for your customer.

Descriptions also might be necessary for some of your menu items, especially if bubble tea is new to your area.  But still be sure to keep them simple.


For example:

Bubble Tea with Ice Cream

Premium Assam Black Tea Topped with Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream


Bubble Tea Shop Menu Drink Categories

Clearly separating your menu items into categories will help your customers make their choice and it won’t overwhelm or confuse them.  Milk tea will usually refer to fresh milk tea and milk tea with powder (taro milk tea) so be sure to distinguish between the two.

Fresh Tea is a must for customers who want regular green tea and or fruit infused tea.

Smoothies are also a popular item.


Bubble Tea Ice and Sugar Levels

Finally, sugar and ice levels are also important.  While a country who lives and breathes bubble tea like Taiwan has multiple options for sugar and ice levels, we recommend keeping it simple:

**No Sugar, A little Sugar, Regular Sugar

No Ice, Regular Ice


Bubble Tea Menu Pricing

Pricing should be straightforward and we recommend using two sizes of cups medium 16oz (500ml) and a large 24oz (700ml).  You can use clear cups or custom bubble tea cups with your logo on them. 

Toppings should be separate and can be added on for $1.00 or $1.50.

Go around to other bubble tea shops in your area to see what they are charging for drinks.  Every region will be a little bit different so you will want to be in a similar price range as your competitors.


Additional Menu Items

The hardest part of running any business is to get customers into your store, so now that you have them in there, see if you can delight them with some other popular snacks.

Some additional menu items that you can add for your customers are:

Taiwanese Snow Ice

Hong Kong Bubble Waffles

Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream


Designing your menu should be a fun process that shows the personality of your store.  Remember to keep it simple and have your fonts and colors consistent with the theme of your store.  You can download our free Sample Bubble Tea Menu below for some ideas to get your started.

Bubble Tea Machines - Free Guide!