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Paper Bubble Tea Products

Paper Bubble Tea Products

Paper Bubble Tea Products are becoming more and more popular as businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious.  Certain countries are also starting to ban plastic straws and other plastic products.  This is great for the world but can be a challenge to Bubble Tea Shop Owners who rely on plastic cups, straws, and sealing film to serve bubble tea.

One of the biggest challenges is replacing the iconic JUMBO bubble tea straws with Eco-friendly and biodegradable paper material.  While most drinks can be enjoyed without a straw, boba or tapioca pearls absolutely have to be sipped out of a straw. Bubble tea without a straw just doesn’t work!

We have spent the last year preparing for the paper bubble tea movement and currently have JUMBO Paper Bubble Tea Straws, Paper Bubble Tea Cups, Paper Sealing Film, and our Bubble Tea Machines and seal paper cups!

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Paper Bubble Tea Straws

Paper Bubble Tea Straws are becoming more robust and can be a great alternative to plastic straws.  One of the biggest problems for paper straws to overcome was that most of them are flat on both sides.  And since most bubble tea is sealed with a plastic sealer film, the flat side made it almost impossible to break through the plastic seal.  After re-tooling our machinery, we were able to come up with “Angle Cut” Paper Bubble Tea Straws that can pierce through plastic sealer film!  Before you order any paper straws, make sure they are compatible with your current cups and sealer films.


Paper Bubble Tea Products


Paper Bubble Tea Cups

Paper Bubble Tea Cups are a great way to serve hot and cold drinks to your customers!  Just like plastic cups, paper cups are available in 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz sizes.  They can also be customized and printed with your logo on them!  If you want to serve both hot and cold drinks to your customers, then our 90mm double-walled paper cups are a perfect solution.  We also have single-walled 95mm paper cups if you only plan on serving cold drinks.  These paper cups are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble tea products.

If you plan on serving hot bubble tea or coffee to your customers you can take that one step further and use a custom paper coffee sleeve!  Not only do custom coffee sleeves look great, but they also help promote your brand and increase customer loyalty.


Paper Bubble Tea Cups


Paper Bubble Tea Sealing Film

Paper Bubble Tea Sealing Film is also a popular option for replacing plastic sealer films. You can seal the cups with our Bubble Tea Sealing Machine. Two things to remember are to make sure that your paper sealer film and paper cups are compatible. Also, most paper cups are 90mm, so they will need a 90mm sealer machine or a 95mm sealer machine with a 90mm adapter ring.



Paper Bubble Tea Products

Paper Cup Sealing Machine



Additionally, the Eco-Friendly Paper Bubble Tea Cups and Straws are a great alternative to plastic products. You can also help promote your brand with custom/personalized paper bubble tea products..  Film out the form below for more information!


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    Want to start your own Bubble Tea Business? Enter Your Info to Receive Our Free Ebook



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    17 Responses

    1. hi Mike, I ordered your video about about a year ago and I am now ready to start a milk tea shop. I would like to first buy your sealing 95mm (standard) machine with nsf option, a fructose machine with nsf option and a shaker. I am not sure if you still have that discount for buying those sets, but can you give me a total price with an estimate of delivery time to fresno ca?

    2. Can you please give me more info on starting a bubble tea shop with as little plastic supplies as possible?

    3. Wanting to start up a mobil boba tea business with zero plastic/environmentally friendly supplies.

    4. Hello, I am in the process of opening a Boba store and looking to start a zero plastic usage. I would like to know more about your Paper Bubble Tea Products.

      1. Hi William,

        That is great that you want to reduce plastic waste at your store!

        I just sent you an email with our custom product catalog and our paper products can be found on page 8.

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