To Go Alcohol Cocktail Sealing Machine


Cocktail To Go Alcohol Sealing Machine




Sealing to go cocktails can be a great way to boost sales at your restaurant, bar or liquor store.  Most alcoholic drinks need to be sealed in order to comply with open container laws which prohibit open alcohol to be carried in public or sold through drive thrus.  Sealing your cocktail containers can be a great way around this but be sure to check with your local state and county laws for specifics to make sure that this is allowed.

The easiest way to get started sealing alcohoic cocktails is to use 95mm PP cups and PP Sealing Film with our 999SN Sealing Machine.  We can even put your custom logo onto the cups and sealing film.

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Sealing Machine for Carbonated Drinks

Sealing carbonated drinks is becoming popular for fast food chains so that they can save time and money.  Using sealing film is cheaper than traditional lids, automates the process and sealer film takes up less space than regular lids.

The process for sealing carbonated drinks is the same as sealing hot drinks.  Basically, there is a small pin that we install near the heater of the sealing machine that will automatically poke a small hole into the sealing film which will relieve the pressure from the carbonated drink.

Drink Delivery During the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic is like anything our world has ever faced and businesses are trying to find ways to continue serving their customers.  Since most of this needs to be done via delivery now, a sealing machine can be a great solution to deliver alcoholic to go cocktails, bubble tea, cofffee, hot drinks and even soup.


Cocktail To Go Alcohol Sealer Machine


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