Automatic Cocktail Shaker Machine

This shaker machine was originally invented in Taiwan for shaking bubble tea but has recently taken off in bars as an automatic cocktail shaker.

It can hold two cocktail shakers at a time and can easily fit two 12 oz cobblers shakers.  It also includes an allen wrench so that you can adjust the holders for larger cocktail shakers (up to 700ml).

While the majority of our customers are bubble tea shop owners we noticed that some bars started ordering our shakers and we found out that they were making specialty cocktails with the shakers.


6 Minute Ramos Gin Fizz

One of the most interesting drinks is the 6 Minute Ramos Gin Fizz that we found out about thanks to Cheryl Charming.  Cheryl is an American bar professional and published author of 16 books on cocktails and bar tending.  She currently works as the Bar Director at the Bourbon “O” Bar in New Orleans.

The 6 Minute Gin Fizz was invented in 1888, by Henry Ramos who employed a line of shaker boys to shake the cocktail for 6 minutes!

This is obviously very tiring and labor intensive so very few people actually make authentic Ramos Gin Fizzes.  That is until Cherly purchased a shaker machine and started making the iconic drink. This made Bourbon “O” Bar in New Orleans first bar in 98 years to shake the Ramos Gin Fizz for 6 minutes!

Click here for a great Ramos Gin Fizz Recipe!


Notes from Cherly on making Ramas’ Gin Fizz


-The shaker can hold two small 12 oz cobbler shakers – sizes can be adjusted with an allen key, which is provided.

-You can make two Ramos’ Gin Fizzes in one shaker for a total of four per shake.

-You can program a button for a max of 360 seconds (6 minutes).

-You will need to provide a secure place for the machine or it will bounce all over (the motor is powerful)…I use a tray set on a piece of rubbery shelf lining then place the machine on the tray.

– It’s important that the top two pieces of the cobbler shaker is tightly secure before you start shaking…I’m sure you can imagine if it’s not.

– I spoke to gin brands to buy the machine for me…Hendrick’s said YES.

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