Tea Shop Blender and Tea Extractor


Many tea shops are starting to offer their customers blended tea.  This is done by adding ice, sugar (optional) and hot tea to a specialized blender and blending the ingredients together.  This produces the same results as shaken iced tea and only takes 3 seconds with the T122 Tea Blender.  This process reduces the astringent taste, creates a consistent quality of tea and reduces your employee costs with it’s easy to use process.

The T-122 is a 3 in 1 Tea Extractor, Blender and Milk Frother.  It uses regular tea bags and hot water to extract the tea which you can either serve hot or blend with ice using the blender function.  To top it all off the T122 also has an optional Milk Frother to make delicious milk foam or mustache milk tea.

Newest Way to Make Bubble Tea!
Making tea is so much easier with a tea extractor, with this machine you can combine the authentic taste of bubble tea with a modern design.

3 in 1 Combination –  Tea extractor, Shaker(blender) and Milk Foam Maker
The T-122 is a complete bubble tea maker. First, you make the tea by using tea extractor function, second you shaking(blend) the tea by using the shaker function and finally it also has the additional function for making milk froth, which can be put on the top of your tea.

Consistent Quality
One of the biggest challenges of any drink shop is maintaining consistent quality in your beverages.  The T-122 simplifies the tea making process by first extracting and then blending your beverage so you can achieve the same high quality every time. This leads to improved taste and customer satisfaction.


Voltage 110v USA or 220-240V
Voltage 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 600W
Capacity 0.8L
Net weight 4.16Kg

T-122 Tea Extractor Jars

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