Mustache Milk Tea

Mustache Milk Tea is sometimes called Milk Foam Tea or Cheese Tea

Mustache Milk Tea


Remember the milk mustache from the early 90’s “Got Milk” campaign?  Celebrities from Dennis Rodman to Monica and Phoebe from friends would show off their “milk mustache” after enjoying a delicious glass of milk.  Now the milk mustache is making a comeback, this time with tea!

Mustache Milk Tea is chilled tea with milk foam or nǎipào on top.  Usually a salty foam on top of green tea and a sweet foam on top of black tea.  The milk foam enhances the tea’s flavor, just make sure you ditch the straw and drink straight from the cup to get the full experience.


Types of Mustache Milk Tea:

There are two main types of Mustache Milk Tea.  Green and Black.  Green tea is usually paired with a salty or cheese flavored topping.  It might sound strange at first to think of drinking something salty but the semi-salty flavor tastes great with chilled green tea.  Black tea is more bitter than green tea and so it tastes better with a sweet topping that is similar to whipped cream.

Gong Cha Mustache Milk Tea



Where Can You Get Mustache Milk Tea?

Gong-Cha is an international tea chain that serves milk foam or nǎipào  (奶泡).   They originated in 2012 and have since expanded internationally with over 1500 stores world wide.  Their signature drink is iced green tea with a salty milk foam on top.

gong cha store


How to You Make Mustache Milk Tea?

This topping is usually prepared from a powder base that is mixed with milk and then mixed or blended until it’s nice and thick.


How to Drink Mustache Milk Tea:

The key to drinking mustache milk tea is to taste the tea and topping at the same time so you shouldn’t use a straw.  Since most milk foam tea comes sealed with a plastic lid, a lot of places will include a little plastic knife to cut off the top.

Milk Foam Tea Knife


Share Your Mustache Milk Tea Pictures!

A great promotional tool for bubble tea shop owners is to have customers post and share their Milk Tea Mustache on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  You can offer free cups of tea to anyone who shares.

Drinking Mustache Milk Tea

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