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Serving Hot Bubble Tea

hot bubble tea

Serving Hot Bubble Tea

Winter is usually the slowest time for bubble tea shops, so serving hot bubble tea is a great way to keep your customers warm and happy!

There are a Few Things to Remember When Serving Hot Bubble Tea


Your Hot Tea is Already Double Strength Tea:

To make regular iced green tea, mix hot tea with ice. The ice dilutes the tea, so that is why your hot tea is “double strength.” The hot tea will melt the ice once you shake it.  So to make hot tea, you will be adding water, not ice. If you just serve your regular hot tea to your customer, it will be too strong and bitter.

16oz Hot Tea – 8oz Double Strength Brewed Tea/8oz Water


Add Different Temperatures of Water:

While some customers will want very hot tea, some will just want warm tea. You can add hot water for the customers that want hot tea and warm or cold water for the customers who want warm or room temperature tea.


Don’t Shake Your Tea!

If you put hot tea into a shaker machine, it will build up pressure and possibly explode! We recommend stirring your ingredients with hot tea.
Use The Right Cups:
Make sure that your cups are able to be used for both cold and hot drinks. We usually recommend using paper cups for hot drinks just to be safe.


Heat Up Your Milk:

When making milk tea, you can heat up your milk on the stove before serving. This is usually done per order, and you can use a small stove up front or the main one in your kitchen. When serving hot bubble teak with powders like Taro Bubble Tea, just replace the ice with hot water.


winter bubble tea


Serving hot bubble tea can be a great way to keep your business going during the slow months. Pairing this with warm foods like waffles is a plus, and hot coffee can also be a great addition.  Plus, you can even seal hot drinks with your sealer machine!


Hot Drink Tea Soup Sealing Machine

How to Seal Hot Bubble Tea

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