90mm Cup Sealer Machine


Our Bubble  Tea Sealer Machine comes in a standard size of 95mm which is perfect for standard 95mm PP cups.  But if you want to seal 90mm Paper Cups or 90mm Tall Cups then we can make a 90mm Sealer Machine for you!


Bubble Tea Sealer Machine

Paper Cup Sealer Machine


90mm Paper Cups

When picking your sealer machine you want to make sure that the cups you’re using and the size of your sealer machine are the same.  A top diameter of 90mm is a common size for Paper Cups and can be sealed by our 999SN Sealer Machine.

Tall Bubble Tea Cups are usually 90mm, 22oz and made out of PP material.  The rims can vary on these cups so please contact us here to order.

Picking the right cups is one of the most important things to consider for your store and if you’re using a sealer machine then you will want to keep all your cups the same diameter.  This will make it easy to seal all of your cups without having to use an adapter ring in between seals.  The type of material your cup is made out of is also very important.  The most common type of cup material is PP and PP cups come in a variety of different sizes.  PET plastic is similar to PP but PET cups are made out of a harder type of plastic that makes PET cups more expensive than PP cups. 

Paper Cup Sealer Machine

Paper Cup Sealer Machine

Paper Cup Sealing Machines

Most paper cups used are 90mm in diamter.  They also use a special type of sealer film so you want to make sure that you are using the correct type of sealing film for your cups.  Basically your sealer film and cups should be made out of the same type of material.  So if you have a PP cups then you will want to use PP sealer film, PET film with PET  cups.  Paper cups can be sealed with PE film, Paper Films or PET-ES Films.

Sealer machines can be great for bubble tea, juice shops, coffee shops or any restaurant or store that has to-go drinks.  Our sealing machines have also been used to seal Sushi, Italian Ice, Cotton Candy, Frozen Yogurt, Crackers, Industrial Products and more.


Whatever size cup or container you’re sealing, we can create a sealer machine for it!

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