Bubble Tea Plastic Share Cups – Split Cups


bubble tea share cups


Share Cups are great to share with your friends or to have your two favorite flavors in the same cup!

Sealing Share Cups

Have you ever had customers walk into your shop, only to find themselves at a crossroad? They are just not able to decide which of their favorite flavor of Bubble Tea to order. The flavors all sound so delicious! They narrow their choices down to two, but are still stuck.   If only they could split their cup in half and try two flavors…

Luckily, for all customers who are indecisive on their favorite flavors, there is no need to worry. A new trend is popping up at Bubble Tea shops all around the world to solve this dilemma. It is Bubble Tea Share Cups. Bubble Tea Share Cups are perfect for sharing or to drink all by oneself. Imagine – two drinks split into one cup!

Bubble Tea Share Cups offer two flavors at once. For example, on one side customers can enjoy fruit, green Thai tea, and milk. They can pair that with honey boba, strawberry hibiscus, and lime on the other side.

How to Seal Split Cups

Most share cups are 95mm PP cups but to seal them properly you need to modify your sealer machine so that it also seals in the middle of the cup where the two sides are split.  Our Share Cup Sealer Machine can make the genius idea of Bubble Tea Share Cups a reality for your shop. 

Share Cup Sealer Machine


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