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Hot Drink Tea Soup Sealing Machine

How to Seal Hot Beverages

If you already have a sealing machine then you might have wondered if you would be able to seal hot drinks.  The good news is that with the right kind of sealer machine, you can!

Putting a seal over any hot liquid can be dangerous because there will be steam built up which will create pressure and could cause the drink to explode.  To get around this you will need to put a small hole into the film to relieve the pressure.  There are two options for this on our sealing machines.  One is on the side of the machine which you can manually press everytime you want to seal a hot liquid.  The other option is a pin that is specially installed onto the machine so that it automatically pokes a hole into the sealer film everytime.

The first option is better for store owners who will only be serving hot drinks occasionally.

side pin seal hot liquids

Side Pin for Sealing Hot Drinks

The second option is better for store owners who will be sealing hot or carbonated drinks for the majority of the time.

hot drink auto sealing steam pin

Auto Pin for Sealing Hot Soups, Etc.


Hot Paper Cups for Tea

Not all cups or containers can be used for sealing hot drinks or soups.  Paper Cups are usually the safest option and paper cups can even be customized and sealed with paper sealing films!

Paper Bubble Tea Cups

Sealing Soup or Hot Liquids

Our sealing machines aren’t just for sealing hot bubble tea, we also have customers who seal hot soups, broths, etc.

Send us a message below and we’ll find the perfect hot liquid sealing solution for you!

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