Bubble Tea Training Video

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While a lot of bubble tea suppliers like to charge thousands of dollars for learing how to make bubble tea, we think that you should be able to learn the basics right at home.  Our video comes free with any bubble tea machine order or you can order online and get instant access and download all the training materials here.

Learn how to brew tea leaves, make tapioca pearls (boba) and make popular drinks like taro bubble tea.


Bubble Tea Training Video Contents:
How to Brew Tea Leaves
How to Cook Tapioca Pearls (boba)
How to Make Shaken Iced Tea
How to Make Bubble Tea with Powder
How to Make Fruit Infused Tea (syrup)
How to Make Milk Tea (fresh milk)
How to Make Milk Tea (non-dairy creamer)


Bonus Material:
Complete List of Recipes/SOPs
Picking PP or PET Cups
How to Add Tapioca/Toppings Updated Recipes


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