Universal Cup Sealer Machine

Picking what type of cups to use in your bubble tea shop or restaurant is one of the most important decisions you need to make.  The two most popular types of plastic cups are PP and PET plastic cups.  PP cups are the most economical option and can be sealed with our standard 999SN Sealer Machine.

PET cups are more expensive than PP cups and PET cups will be thicker than PP cups.  Both of these options can be customized with your logo but before you buy your sealer machine or lids it is important to choose between PP and PET cups.  This is because they are different sizes.  Usually PP cups have a top diameter of 95mm while PET cups have a top diameter of 98mm.  You will need the correct sealer machine or lids if you want to seal your cup properly.

95mm lid sealer machine

Universal Sealer Machine

If you aren’t sure which size you want to use or if you might change your mind in the future then our Universal Sealer Machine might be the perfect choice for your store.

Our Universal Sealer Machine has a Universal Mold so it can seal both 98mm PET cups and 95mm PP cups.

95mm lid sealer machine

Universal Sealer Film

Another important thing to think about is what type of Sealer Film you’re going to use.  Usually you will need to have PP film for PP cups and PET film for PET cups.

We also carry PET-ES film which is a Unversal Sealer Film and can seal most PP, PET, PLA, Styrofoam and Paper Cups.

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