Large Tray and Multiple Container Sealing Machine

Large Tray Multiple Cup Sealer Machine

Food Tray Sealing Machine

Whether you are sealing to-go food containers, cold salads or hot dishes you can speed up your production with our Automatic Tray Sealer Machines.  We make a cusotm mold for your containers so all you have to do is set your container in and let the sealing machine do the rest.  We can also create multiple molds for the same machine if you have different sized trays.

Multiple Container Sealing Machine

Sealing Multiple Containers at once can cut your prep time in half.  

We custom mold our machines to your cups and we can put your logo onto your machine and can also put peel-tabs onto your machine.

We can seal PP, PET, PLA, Paper and Plastic Containers and have both clear and custom film available.

Product Details (actual model will depend on your container or cup size)

– 110V/1850W US plug
– #430 stainless steel case
– Production capacity: 1250 pcs/hour
– Maximal tray size: 150*110mm / Dia. 110mm
– Dimensions: 480x705x820mm
– Weight: 80kg
– Molding fee is included
– Mold is changeable
– Certification – CE (UL Certification Available)
– Warranty – 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
– Support – BubbleTeaology 3 Years of Video Support

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