How to Clean Your Cup Sealer Machine 

How to Clean Your Cup Sealer Machine

Cleaning your bubble tea sealing machine is important to make sure that your machine lasts for a long time.

But we all know that spilled drinks can happen during a busy day, especially if you have new employees who overfill drinks before sealing them.

The first step is to train your employees to only fill up the bubble tea cups to 85%-90% full.  Also, make sure that they know how to use the Automatic Function on your sealing machine (using manual mode until you and your employees are comfortable with the machine is also a good idea).

Next, make sure that you get to the spilled drinks right away.  Use a rag to clean up the spilled drink as soon as it happens and then perform some light cleaning and lubricating of your machine at night.

If you don’t, the spilled drinks will become sticky and affect the sealing process.  We recommend preforming a light cleaning of your machine every day and a thorough cleaning once a month.


You can download our Sealer Machine Maintenance PDFs below:

Daily Sealer Machine Maintenance

 Sealer Machine Monthly Maintenance and Error Guide



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