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Peelable Plastic Sealing Film

Custom Size Sealer Machine Peel Tab

Peelable Plastic Sealing Film

Since only certain types of sealer film can be peeled off, we have custom sealer machines and can make a peel tab so you can have peelable film on your cups or containers.

Peelable Plastic Sealing Film

Sealing Film has been made famous by the bubble tea industry.  But if you have ever tried to peel off the plastic seal, then you will know that the seal is extremely strong and hard to peel off. Moreover, this is to keep the cup sealed properly.

You can use a Sealing Machine to seal almost anything from fresh fruit, gelato, hot soup, soft drinks, alcoholic cocktails, cosmetics, and more! The containers used can also be very small or large, depending on the cup or container.

Certain products have to have the seal peeled off, and for that type of container, we recommend using a custom sealer machine with a peel tab.  The peel tab is on the machine. This leaves an extra tab of plastic to help you peel off the seal.



We can create a perfect mold for your container and include a peel tab with our custom size sealer machine!


Peelable Plastic Sealing Film

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Peelable Plastic Sealing Films

Being made of PP plastic is why Peelable Plastic Sealing Film is so hard to peel off of bubble tea cups. When you seal a PP plastic cup with a PP sealer film, you get a strong seal that is hard to peel off.  For a peelable sealer film, you will want to use either PE sealer film or PET-ES sealer film. These types of films are explicitly made to seal plastic and paper containers.

PE Sealer Film can also seal paper cups/containers as well as plastic containers. This is because most paper cups have a PE lamination coating.

PET-ES Sealer Film can seal almost any container.  Additionally, it can seal PP Plastic, PET, Paper, Styrofoam, and even PLA Cups and Containers.

Furthermore, picking the right sealer machine for your cup or container can be hard to do.  In conclusion, the best way to make sure you have the right one is to send us your cups or containers. We will test them for you.


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