95mm Cup Sealer Machine

95mm lid sealer machine

The 999SN 95mm cup sealer machine is the most popular sealer on the market.  It comes standard with a 95mm sealer ring, this means that it can seal 95mm PP Cups. The 999SN can seal 12oz, 16oz and 24oz cups right of the box.

We can also seal 90mm, 92mm, 98mm, 120mm and custom sizes.

If you are in the food or beverage industry, the importance of packaging can never be overestimated. An excellent packaging can allow the customers to take away their favorite food and drinks and enjoy them anytime anywhere. A quality pouch or cups that are sealed using the 95 mm plastic cup sealing machines will keep the food and drinks fresh for hours without the hazards of spilling out and wasting them. The machines apply heat and pressure techniques to seal the films with the containers to make it airtight and spill-proof.

The most vital factor to be considered before ordering a sealing machine is the diameter of the cup or pouch you intend to use for your shop. Pick the right sealing films and cups to get your job done in a hassle-free way. Many of the sealing machines come with a fixed ring, which restricts them from sealing the containers of varying size or diameter. However, the majority of coffee shop owners prefer the 95 mm plastic cup sealing machine, because it is the standard size of the cups which will serve your purpose even if you are using the 12, 16oz and 24oz PP cups.

Depending on your budget, you may choose between PP, PET or Paper cups, and a reliable sealer machine, which can seal all the three types of cups. The bubble tea sealer machines are available in manual as well as an automatic model to comply with your specific requirements. By using the automatic 95 mm, plastic cup sealing device, you will reduce the labor charges manifold and get rid of the hazards of manually operating the machine.  For the semi-automatic manual sealing machines, you need to pull down the lever with pressure to seal the cups accurately.

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