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PLA Cup Sealing Machine

PLA Cup Sealing Machine

PLA Cup Sealing Machine

What are PLA Cups

PLA or Polylactic Acid is a revolutionary new type of bioplastic that uses renewable resources like sugar cane or corn starch instead of traditional plastic polymers.  Because these bio-plastics use natural ingredients they can be composted and will biodegrade under the right circumstances.  Many bubble tea shops and restaurant owners are switching to bio-plastics and paper straws in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

Not only are PLA cups biodegradable but producing PLA also uses 65%  less energy to produce than typical plastic cups.  PLA cups do however need to be in the right environment to properly biodegrade properly so it is important to separate these at your store so that you can get them to the correct facility.   But don’t worry too much about it because even if they still end up in a landfill they will still biodegrade faster than regular plastic and won’t emit toxic chemicals if burned (which happens to a lot of garbage!).  So while PLA cups are not a perfect solution, they do represent a step in the right direction towards a greener future.


How to Seal PLA Cups

We get a lot of customers asking us if our sealer machines can seal PLA cups and the good news is yes they can!

Like sealing any cup, the most important aspect is the top diameter of your cup.  This needs to be compatible with your sealing machine in order to have a proper seal.  Being off by even 1mm can result in your cup either not fitting into the sealer machine mold or being too small and not sealing tightly.

Our 98mm Universal Sealer Machine can seal 98mm PLA Cups, 98mm PET cups, and 95mm PP Cups making it one of the most versatile sealer machines on the market.

PLA Cups

We recommend using Karat Earth Cups, Our Universal Machine, and PET-ES film to seal PLA cups. We guarantee that these have all been tested for compatibility and will work

But if you already have a different type of PLA cup then you can send in your cups to us and we will test them with our standard sealing machines and sealing film.  Even if they don’t fit our standard machine we can still build a Custom Size Sealing Machine for you!


Contact Us Here to Send in Your Cups for Free Testing!

PLA Sealing Film

Right now there isn’t any pure PLA sealing film on the market.  This is mainly due to low demand and might change in the next couple of years.  But until then you will need a sealing film that is compatible with your PLA cups.  Our PET-ES film will work with Karat PLA cups and you can order it with your sealer machine on the product page.


Bottom Line

Sealing PLA cups can be a great way to reduce plastic usage in your store.  It’s important to make sure that your machine, cup, and film are all compatible and the easiest way to do this is with Our Universal Sealer Machine, PET-ES Film, and Karat Earth Cups.


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  1. Can you send me your prices for these items? Do you have opaque cups? Do you have hot cups? Thanks!

  2. I have a hard time sealing PLA cups with a PET film due to the high temperature warping the lid and PET not adhering, any advice on how you are able to overcome this issue?

  3. Hi so this machine seals cups that has the pop on lids? Looking into buying a sealer but need to know what kind of cups it seals as I need to order my cups soon. This is compatible to seal any cups?

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