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How to Make Brown Sugar Boba

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

How to Make Brown Sugar Boba

Brown Sugar Boba is the latest craze to come out of the bubble tea world and it’s not uncommon to see lines 30 people long at Taiwan’s two Brown Sugar Boba competitors Xing Fu Tang and Tiger Sugar.


How to Make Brown Sugar Boba

In the Land of Bubble Tea, the Tea Shop with Brown Sugar Boba is King.


What makes this drink so special is how the brown sugar syrup clings to the glass or cup to give it that iconic look.  The brown sugar and milk combine to make a sweet concoction of deliciousness that is only made better by slurping up the tapioca pearls at the bottom!

One of the keys to making great brown sugar boba is to soak your tapioca pearls in brown sugar or brown sugar syrup.  If you’re feeling really fancy you can even sprinkle brown sugar crystals on top and light them on fire like a creme brulee, just make sure that you use a culinary torch and a baking ring so you don’t burn the plastic cup!


How to Make Brown Sugar Boba 

To make Brown Sugar Boba you’ll need black tea, fresh milk, brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls.


Brown Sugar Milk Tea Base

Not all Brown Sugar Boba will have tea in it.  Sometimes it is just brown sugar syrup, tapioca pearls and milk.  This will depend on your customers and you can offer both options.

If you are going to serve real milk tea, then first you will need to brew your black tea.  We recommend using Ceylon Black Tea when mixing your tea with fresh milk.

Ceylon Black Tea:
*10 grams of tea to 1 liter of water
*Ideal temperature is 200* F or 95* C
*Brewing Time 8 Minutes

You can either brew your tea on the stove or use a Tea Brewer.

Once your tea has finished brewing, let it cool down to room temperature and then put it into the refrigerator overnight.

Now mix your tea in a 50/50 ratio with fresh milk.


Tapioca Pearls for Brown Sugar Milk Tea

You can either order your tapioca pearls pre-made from your bubble tea supplier or you can make them yourself with our Automatic Boba Making Machine.


Cooking Tapioca Pearls for Brown Sugar Boba

Now that you have your tapioca pearls it is time to cook them.  You can cook your boba in a pot over the stove or you can use our Automatic Boba Cooker.

Making Brown Sugar Boba

Now that your tapioca pearls are finished cooking, it’s time to soak them in your brown sugar syrup for at least 30 minutes before serving.  A lot of places will keep them on an induction heater at low heat before serving them to their customers.  This will keep the boba warm and simmering while you serve it.

Make sure that you only use your boba for 4 hours though and never store it overnight.  It should be made fresh many times throughout the day.



How to Get Brown Sugar Ripples

The most iconic thing about Brown Sugar Boba is the way that the brown sugar sticks to the cup.  When you add plain milk to your cup it really makes the brown sugar stand out.

Use a ladle with holes in it and scoop up some tapioca pearls.  Now spin your cup around your ladle and let the tapioca pearls drop into the cup.  With a little practice, you’ll be able to get your cup covered in brown sugar just like the pros!

How to Make Brown Sugar Boba


To Sum Up

Brown Sugar Boba is a unique drink that can help you attract new customers.  To make it all you need is black tea, fresh milk, brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls.  You have the option of buying your tapioca pearls or making them your self with an automatic tapioca maker.

Some bubble tea shops like Tiger Sugar and Xing Fu Tang base their whole business model on this one drink and if you can do it right, you’ll have customers lined up out the door just to get a taste.

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