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Boba Tea Business Kit

bubble tea machines business kit

Boba Tea Business Kit

Boba Tea Business Kit

Our starter kit comes with our most popular and reliable Boba tea machines:

Our 999SN Cup Sealer, Boba Shaker Machine, and Automatic Fructose Dispenser


Instantly Save $131.00!

1 Year Warranty and 3 Years of Video Support

Free Bubble Tea Training Video and Free Shipping!

Our Boba Tea Business Kit Includes:

Boba Tea Sealer Machine 
The 999SN Cup Sealer Machine is our most popular model and comes standard with CE Certification and can seal 95mm 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz cups right out of the box.  It can also be upgraded to Universal (98mm PET and 95mm PP Cups) and UL Certification.
Boba Tea Shaker Machine 
The Dasin SK300 is our most popular boba tea shaker and replaces the bulky vertical shaker to save space in your kitchen.  It features a sleek and modern design, and using a shaking machine will reduce employee costs, and the new compact design also saves valuable counter space.
Boba Tea Fructose Dispenser 
Automatic Fructose Dispensers work by dispensing a consistent amount of sugar every time.  You can easily program the buttons to dispense the exact amount of fructose that your customer wants.  This will ensure that your drinks are consistent and take the guesswork out of your employees’ jobs.
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Want to start your own Bubble Tea Business? Enter Your Info to Receive Our Free Ebook



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