Bubble Tea Recipes

 Bubble Tea Recipes

Bubble Tea Recipe

Ask any young person these days what their favorite beverages are, and bubble tea (or boba tea) will surely make the list. It doesn’t really matter what flavor it is, as long as it has good quality milk tea flavor and chewy tapioca pearls, because this effective combination is truly what largely makes a great bubble tea recipe.

Let’s focus first on these two components of bubble tea. What people mostly want from their bubble milk tea is the right intensity of sweetness and a strong tea flavor. A lot of bubble tea places make their bubble milk tea too mild, such that when ice is added to the beverage, it really just becomes colored and flavored water. The right balance of sweetness and taste of tea makes sure that the beverage is delicious to the last sip.

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And when it comes to tea, green tea and black tea remain to be the most popular for the base. However, many tea shops are now carrying Earl Grey Tea which also makes a delicious base. As for the milk, the choices are fresh milk, and milk tea flavors which are usually created by adding fruit flavors such as Taro or Mango.

Now, for the tapioca pearls: Sweetness, firmness and chewiness are what everybody wants. The pearls always need to have that sugary sweetness because like what was mentioned earlier, tea can be quite mild so the sweetness coming from the pearls contributes to the overall flavor of the beverage. Likewise, they need to be firm and chewy, but not too sticky that they clump together. Nothing can make bubble tea less appetizing than soggy tapioca that tastes and feels weird.

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Now we move on to the bubble milk tea flavors. Some popular flavors are Taro, Mango, Banana, Honeydew etc. The key to making delicious bubble tea is to first start with high quality ingredients. Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan and the best ingredients come from Taiwan. Start by adding 2 scoops of your favorite powdered flavor into your glass or shaker, next add a small amount of hot tea and stir vigorously until the powder is completely dissolved. Next, add ice until the shaker is 80% full and lastly add more hot tea. Now put the lid on the shaker and shake for 6 seconds. Pour the tea over your boba tapioca pearls and you’re all set!

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