What Are Popping Boba?

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First, we’ll start off with regular “boba”.  Boba are tapioca pearls made from the cassava root.  The tapioca is formed into little balls that are then cooked and sweetened to add to boba tea or bubble tea.

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Popping Boba is a fruity spin-off from traditional boba.  They are little fruit balls that will “pop” in your mouth.  They have a thin casing on the outside and the middle are filled with juice.  what are popping boba

Popping Boba were invented in Taiwan where bubble tea was invented.  Like bubble tea, popping boba goes by many different names such as bursting boba, boba balls, pop boba, etc.

Popping boba is really an innovative way to try bubble tea or frozen yogurt.  This unique variety of bubble tea is quickly taking the boba tea and frozen yogurt community by storm.

Popping boba can be used in bubble tea, added to frozen yogurt, ice cream or anything else you want to add a little fun to!

Popping boba come in many different flavors such as:




Passion Fruit






Green Apple

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