Adding Bubble Tea to Your Menu

add bubble tea to restaurant

Many restaurants and frozen yogurt shops are taking advantage of bubble tea’s popularity by adding it to their menu.

The average cost of a 16oz bubble tea is only about $0.70 (including the cup, straw and lid), while the selling price is $3.00-5.00.  That’s about a 400-700% markup!

Adding bubble tea to your menu can add a nice revenue stream to your business.


What’s needed to add bubble tea to your menu?

Bubble Tea Powder

Banana Bubble Tea Powder


400 Servings/Box ($0.48/serving)

Tapioca Pearls (boba)

Buy Tapioca Pearls Big Bag bubbleteaology


240 Servings/Box  ($0.15/serving)


Bubble Tea Shaker

Bubble Tea Stirrer


Equipment and Machines

Electric or Gas Stove (to cook the tapioca)

Hot Water (used to dissolve bubble tea powder)

**Optional Ingredients**

Loose Leaf Tea – Bubble tea can be made with water or tea

Fruit Infused Syrups – Used to flavor tea

Popping Boba

Mini Mochi

Jelly Topping

Optional Equipment and Machines

Tea Dispenser (if serving tea) – Insulated tea dispensers will keep your tea hot for hours.

3hp Commercial Blender – Used to make bubble tea smoothies (same bubble tea powder is used).

Bubble Tea Shaker Machine – Bubble tea can be shaken by hand or with the help of a machine.

Bubble Tea Sealer Machine – One of the trademarks of bubble tea are the plastic seals over the cups.  They replace regular lids and are cheaper/lid.

Bunn Automatic Tea Brewer– Automatically makes tea which can save time and reduce employee costs.  **also has a hot water spout to replace hot water dispenser**

Hot Water Dispenser – Bubble tea powder needs to be mixed with a hot liquid to make sure that it’s completely dissolved.  Hot water or hot tea can be used.

Fructose Dispenser – This machine dispenses liquid fructose (sugar) into your cups for increased accuracy and efficiency.

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