Thai Stir Fried Ice Cream


Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream


What is Thai Stir Fried Ice Cream?

This is ice cream that is quickly frozen with either dry ice or a special machine to create unique rolls of ice cream.  Each roll is about the size of a roll of quarters that are rolled with a spatula and then packed into a cup.  A huge variety of toppings can be placed on top. Different food items can also be added to the ice cream to increase texture.  Customers can enjoy a wide variety of flavors such as: green tea, chocolate, coffee, mango, and more!

You may have already heard about the latest food trend that is taking the world by storm.  It is Thai Stir Fried Ice Cream, also known as: rolled ice cream, ice pan ice cream, or stir-fried ice cream.  This delicious, frozen treat was first created by street vendors in Thailand in 2009. Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream can now be enjoyed at shops world-wide and is drawing in huge crowds of customers who want to taste this delectable dessert.  

When a customer walks into a shop to enjoy some Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream, each treat is made to order by hand and is not prepared in advance.  The process of making this frozen dessert is not difficult, though workers need to work fast, so the ice cream does not melt. It takes about two minutes to make.  

How do you make Thai Stir Fried Ice Cream?

Customers first choose their milk-based flavor.  Typically, they can choose soy milk or dairy milk.  The liquid is poured onto a cold, metal circle pan. The pan resembles a pizza pan and it must maintain a freezing temperature of -30 degrees.   Most shop owners use a special Stir Fried Ice Cream Machine to make it.

Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream Machine


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As the liquid freezes, fresh fruit, chocolate, green tea, extract powders and syrups or other choices can be added to the base, if desired, for flavor.  The roll ice cream maker will chop the add-ins into the liquid and will manipulate it, using metal spatulas or metal paddles, similar to when someone is kneading bread.  Once frozen, it is then thinly spread across the pan and scraped into strips at a angle to create rolls. Lastly, these rolls are packed into a cup. Toasted marshmallows, gummy bears, chocolate chips or a huge amount of other toppings can be placed on top.

Customers not only love to eat such a sweet dessert, but watching it be created is just as fun!  With the Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream food trend spreading so quickly, it will not be long before a shop close to you offers this lovely treat!  

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