Taiwanese Snow Ice

Living in Taiwan for 5 years has introduced me to many culinary delights; Bubble Tea, Ramen Noodles that actually taste good, Beef Noodle Soup, Hot Pot and Taiwanese Snow Ice.

Taiwan snow ice 2

What is Taiwan Snow Ice?

It is basically frozen flavored ice that is shaved razor thin.  It starts out as a block but a Taiwan Snow Ice Shaver Machine shaves it into tiny strips of “snow” that melt in your mouth!  This is then topped with whatever you want.  Fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, tapioca pearls, popping boba, grass jelly, etc.


Snow Ice Shaver

Here’s a picture of a snow ice shaver


It’s called Xue Hua Bing in Chinese 雪花冰 which literally means snowflake ice.  It’s a bit ironic because it doesn’t actually snow in Taiwan and is actually really hot in the summer time.  Luckily this dessert will definitely cool you off on a hot summer day.


While in Taiwan, I was lucky to live in Xiziwan 西子灣 which has the best Taiwanese Snow Ice in Taiwan(and the world).Taiwan Snow Ice - Banana and Chocolate Sauce

Vanilla Snow Ice Topped with Chocolate Sauce and Bananas, my favorite!

Taiwan has been a great place to live.  The people are incredibly nice, the rent is cheap, the hourly wage is comparatively high (for teaching English), there are mountains, beaches, night markets, night clubs, parks with people doing Tai Chi in them, basically something for everyone.

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