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Snow Ice Freezer



Snow Ice Freezers are essential to making quality Snow Ice.  Freezing snow ice blocks can be a delicate process and the type of Freezer that you need will depend on the size of your ice blocks.  If your try to freeze large ice blocks in a regular freezer you risk having them not freeze completely, then when you go to shave your snow ice it will fall apart!


Snow Ice Large Block Container


Large Ice Blocks will require a special freezer while Single Serve Ice Blocks can be frozen in a traditional freezer.


Large Block Snow Ice


Large Block Snow Ice Freezers are specially designed to freeze at very low temperatures.  They do this using Propylene Glycol (C3H8O2) and have specially designed cylinders for you to put your Stainless Steel Snow Ice Mold into.  Large Ice Blocks are about 5.5″ x 5.5″ and require a special freezer with a minimum temperature of -25° C/-13° F.  This is because the ice blocks are large and made mostly of milk and they won’t freeze properly in a traditional freezer.  These freezers are very large and in the USA will usually require NSF Certification.  Make sure that you have the budget and space for this kind of freezer before you invest in a large block snow ice shaver.

If your Large Snow Ice Blocks are delivered to you then you can store them in a commercial freezer that can reach 20° C-25° C.


EG02 Snow Ice Freezer


– Width: 53.5″ (136 cm)
– Length: 34.6″ (88 cm)
– Height: 52.8″ (134 cm)
– Gross Weight: 573.2 lbs (260 kg)

– Power: 220V 1φ 3100W
– Power Consumption: 3.2KW/HR (nominal)
– Electricity: 220V/60Hz/1-phase
– Current: start-up: 16A, stable: 13A
– Compressor Power 3HP
– Refrigerant: R-507 or R-404A
– Circulation Motor Power: 2 x 1/2HP
– Freezing Cycle Time: about 4 hours
– Nominal Freezing Temperature: -22°F (-30°C)
– Coolant: propylene glycol (C3H8O2)
– NSF Certified



Single Serve Snow Ice Blocks can be made in a regular plastic cup and can be frozen in a regular freezer.  The type of ice block that you use will depend on what type of Snow Ice Shaver you use.  We usually recommend a Single Serve Snow Ice Machines for someone who is just starting out or that wants to add Snow Ice to their menu.  Large Block Machines are better suited for shops that want to focus on Snow Ice as their main menu item.



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