Single Serve Snow Ice Shaving Machine

Global Bear PDOJ-M-NSF


Taiwanese Snow Ice (xuehua bing 雪花冰) is growing in popularity around the world and a lot of people have been asking us how they can add it to their bubble tea shop or restaurant.  The Single Serve Snow Ice Shaver is the perfect solution.

Traditional “large block” snow ice shavers can be expensive and can also require a special freezer to freeze the large blocks of snow ice. The Singe Serve Snow Ice Machine doesn’t require a special freezer.  The single servings can be conveniently made and stored in a regular freezer.

This makes a Single Serve Snow Ice Machine the perfect choice if you’re considering adding Snow Ice to your menu or if your space is limited.  All you have to do is freeze your snow ice mix in a regular plastic cup and put it in the shaver for a perfect single serving of snow ice.

The PDOJ-M-NSF is the first shaver of it’s kind to come with NSF Certification.  It is produced by Global Bear in Taiwan and creates perfect single servings. It’s made for both shaved iced and shaved snow and is now available in two sizes!

NSF approval, unique design and affordable price make it one of the best shaved snow machines in the market.


The main difference between the two are that the 200g model features a rotating disc at the bottom that rotates when you shave your ice. The 500g  does not have the rotating disc but it does include an adjustable shaving dial.

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Perfect Single Serving

NSF Certified!

No Need For A Large Expensive Freezer!

Product Details

Product Number – Global Bear PDOJ-M-NSF
Net Weight – 39lb (18kg)
Dimensions – 8″ x 14″ x 28″
Power – 110v USA Compatible or 220v
Watts – 60
Certification – NSF, CE
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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