How to Install Bubble Tea Sealer Film

How to Install Sealer Film: Installing Bubble Tea Sealer Film is easy to do, however if it is installed incorrectly, you will receive an E04 or E05 Error.

Only one side of the film will stick to your cups, so you want to make sure that the film is going in the correct direction.  Both rollers should have the film moving to the left (counter-clockwise).

Also, make sure you have the correct sealer film.  PP sealer film for PP cups and PET sealer film for PET cups, click here to learn how to pick the right sealing film.

Once your sealing film has been installed the next step is to set the temperature.  This temperature will depend on what type of material you’re sealing.  You can refer to your owners manual for the correct temperature settings.

** Beginner Tip** Use the machine on “manual mode” at first to avoid spills until you get used to the machine, then you can switch to “automatic mode”.

Here’s a video that will help you install your sealer film correctly.

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