Bubble Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Bubble Tea Ice Cream Recipe

bubble tea ice cream

Help your customer’s cool off with this Delicious Bubble Tea Ice Cream Recipe!

Summer is coming and one of the best ways to cool down is by drinking delicious Bubble Tea with Ice Cream. This popular drink started out in Taiwan and has since swept through the world.  The most popular recipe is to add Vanilla Ice Cream to Black Bubble Tea.  For a 24oz or 700ml cup, make 500ml of iced black tea and then add two scoops of ice cream.  Only use half as much sugar because the ice cream will already make the drink sweeter.

How to Make Bubble Tea with Ice Cream 24oz (700ml):

  1. Fill a shaker cup 500ml with ice
  2. Add Assam Black Tea to the 500ml mark
  3. Add 5-10 grams of sugar with your fructose dispenser
  4. Place in the shaker machine for 8 seconds
  5. Pour into a 24oz (700ml) cup
  6. Add two scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
  7. Seal your cup!

Another delicious Bubble Tea Ice Cream Combination is to use Green Tea and fruit flavored ice cream!  One of our favorites is Green Tea with Mango Ice Cream and you can use the same recipe as above.  One of the best parts about bubble tea is experimenting with new flavors and creating new, delicious drinks.  Every season is an opportunity to impress your customers and delight their tastebuds!  



PP Plastic Bubble Tea Cups

PP Plastic Bubble Tea Cups

PP (Polypropolene) is the most common type of plastic cup.  It is recyclable, transparent, lightweight and durable.  It is also much cheaper than other types of cups (PET, PLA).  This makes PP cups the most popular choice for Bubble Tea Shop owners because PP cups can also be customized for a relatively low cost ($0.06/cup).

Custom Logo Bubble Tea Cup BT

PP cups are also not all the same.  The two main types of PP cups are Y and YS. Y is the most common type and is lower quality than YS.  Next time you get a plastic cup from a drink shop, look on the bottom to see what it says.  The most common type is Y which is a bit softer than YS.  YS is a middle range cup and is what we use for most of our custom products.

PP Cup Recycle 5

PET plastic cups are also a popular choice but are more expensive than PP cups and usually require a 98mm cup sealer machine.

PP cups are usually 95mm and come in many different sizes with 12oz, 16oz and 24oz being the most common sizes.

PP plastic bubble tea cups

Click here for more info on Custom PP Cups 

Top 5 Popular Bubble Tea Flavors!

Top 5 Popular Bubble Tea Flavors!

most popular bubble tea flavors

One of the most common questions we get asked is “what are the most popular bubble tea flavors?”.   While this does vary from region to region, there are some hands down favorites.

1) Taro Bubble Tea is the most popular flavor.  For many people in the West, Taro Bubble Tea is their first experience with taro.  So what is taro exactly?  Well, taro is tropical root-type plant that is sometimes referred to as an “Asian Potato”.  It is more sweet than a regular potato though.

taro bubble tea flavor

2) Milk Tea is the 2nd most popular flavor.  You can make milk tea using two different methods.  The first is to use real milk and mix that with black tea.  The second is to use non-dairy creamer or a 3 in 1 milk tea powder.  The 3 in 1 mixtures will contain sugar and flavoring giving more flavor.

3) Honeydew Bubble Tea is the 3rd most popular flavor.  It’s bright green color and sweet tropical flavor makes it a favorite among many bubble tea lovers.

honeydew bubble tea

Coconut Bubble Tea comes in at number 4.  Coconut bubble tea is both sweet and tropical which makes it one of the most popular flavors.

Matcha Green Tea is number 5 on the list.  Matcha is finely ground green tea powder of specially grown and processed tea leaves.  The finely ground powder gives matcha a distinctive flavor that some people describe as more “earthy”.  This is because you are tasting every part of the tea because it is ground into such a fine powder.

matcha bubble tea

Bubble tea is quickly becoming one the most sought after drinks in the world.  Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s and has been spreading around the world ever since.

Plastic Lid Sealer Machine

Plastic Lid Sealer Machine

95mm lid sealer machine

Plastic Lid Sealer Machines are more efficient, cheaper and more eco-friendly than traditional plastic lids. The Y-Fang 999SN is our most popular sealer machine and it comes standard with a 95mm sealer ring, this means that it can seal 95mm PP Cups. The 999SN can seal 12oz, 16oz and 24oz cups right of the box.

With a cup sealing machine, you just place your cup in the machine and the machine will automatically seal the cup for you.

Using lid sealer film is cheaper than traditional lids and each lid sealer roll can seal about 4,000 cups!

Plastic Lid Sealer film

Automatic – Seals 450 cups/hr

Save Times and Reduces Employee Costs

Trusted Bubble Tea Shops Around the World

Product Details

Product Number – 999SN
Seals 95mm PP, PET or Paper Cups (98mm PET Sealer Available)
Power – 110v USA (220v Available)
Watts –
Capacity –
450 cups/hour
Size –
10″ x 13″ x 25″ (25/34/64cm)
Weight –
55lb (25KG)
Certification –
CE (UL Certification Available)
Warranty – 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Single Serve Snow Ice Machine

Single Serve Snow Ice Shaving Machine

Global Bear PDOJ-M-NSF


A lot of people have been asking us how they can add Taiwanese Snow Ice (xuehua bing 雪花冰) to their bubble tea shop or restaurant.

Traditional “large block” snow ice shavers can be expensive and can also require a special freezer to freeze the large blocks of snow ice.

The Singe Serve Snow Ice Machine doesn’t require a special freezer.  The single servings can be conveniently made and stored in a regular freezer.

On Sale For $880.00 with Free Shipping!

The PDOJ-M-NSF is produced by Global Bear and creates perfect single servings. It’s perfect for both shaved iced  and shaved snow. NSF approval, unique design and affordable price  make it one of the best shaved snow machines in the market.

Perfect Single Serving

NSF Certified!

No Need For A Large Expensive Freezer!

Product Details

Product Number – Global Bear PDOJ-M-NSF
Net Weight – 39lb (18kg)
Dimensions – 8″ x 14″ x 28″
Power – 110v USA Compatible or 220v
Watts – 60
Certification – NSF, CE
Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Y-Fang Bubble Tea Sealer Machine

Y-Fang Bubble Tea Sealer Machines

999SN sealer machine

Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan and the best bubble tea equipment and ingredients come from Taiwan.  Y-Fang is the industry leader in Taiwan and produces the most reliable bubble tea sealer machines.  These sealer machines are used in bubble tea shops all around Taiwan and the world.  Instead of cheap Chinese made knockoffs, these are genuine machines that are built to last.  Y-Fang has the advantage of over 20 years of experience in the sealing and packing industry.

Y-Fang offers a 90 day warranty on the parts and a 1 year warranty on the PC-Board of the sealer machine.  The most popular model is the 999SN.  It is completely automatic, can seal 450 cups/hour and has a LED panel.  This machine comes standard with a 95mm sealer ring but can also be upgraded to a Universal 98mm Sealer.

Y-Fang also produces Quantitative Fructose Dispensers.  These will automatically put the right amount of sugar into your bubble tea with the touch of a button.

BubbleTeaology Fructose Dispenser Machine

We have a lot of customers come to us who first bought a cheap knockoff sealer machine from eBay or Amazon only to have it break in a few months.  Y-Fang sealers are the most reliable on the market and with proper maintenance can last for years.




Cheap Knockoff Sealer Machine

Although bubble tea and drink shops are the largest users of sealer machines.  They are also popular for sealing other items such as yogurt, cosmetic supplies and food products with the larger sealers.

999SN sealer machine